Born on Necromunda Bryn was an aggressive youth who used his size to intimidate other children before moving on to running a smuggling ring which never really worked out for him. Once caught he was given 2 options work in the mines to pay of his crimes or shape up and join the PDF. This turned out to be the defining point in his young life and he excelled in military service and was rewarded by being given a spot in an enforcer squad. 

Some 3 years after matthis joined Zoran's retinue Bryn's enforcer squad was seconded to the inquisitor during a hunt for a cell of chaos worshippers believed to be trying to summon a daemon. Bryns knowledge of the underhive and experience hunting criminals was of great benefit to the inquisitor and they soon tracked down the cell but unfortunately they were a little late. They stormed the cells hideout just as the magos in charge finished his ritual and a daemons spirit was transferred into his body. The enforcer squad charged into the den with Zoran and Matthis behind, a blistering firefight ensued. Outclassed and out gunned the members of the chaos cell were slaughter, the final few fleeing into underhive. But the fight was not over yet, an evil laugh echoed through the air as the magus regained his fee the bullet holes in his chest closing rapidly he extended a hand encased in a glowing nimbus and a wave of force threw most of the enforcer squad across the room, bones snapped and the cries of wounded men filled the air. Bryn seeing his comrades in trouble dropped his shot gun and wrenching his sword of his back as he ran charged the magus and slammed his shield into the magus' face hoping to finish him with the sword before the man could react. it was a brave but foolish move as the magus caught the sword in its hand and snapped it, spun round and threw Bryn to the ground, this act however was its downfall, leaving the daemon thing with its back or Zoran who instantly taking advantage of the opening smashed his force staff down on the back of its head. A few days after the fight Zoran approached Bryn and asked him to join the never ending fight against chaos and Bryn accepted