This page lists some of the Inquisitorial cabals and cells known to be at work within the Carthax sector.

  • Black Helix - +++[CLASSIFIED]+++
  • Dionysus cell - A cell of acolytes under the command of an unknown inquisitor. Currently investigating a xeno race known as the Vervids [imperial codename: Thundercrackers].
    • Mission disaster 998 M41, no survivors.
  • Helios cabal - A body of Inquisitors dedicated to combating the threat of the deadly Graveel Hegemony.
  • Janus cabal - Largely made up of members of the Ordo Hereticus Carthaxian, the Janus Cabal tasks itself with removing rogue elements of the Inquisition itself.
  • Precipice Dreadquill - A morally dubious group of artists and reprobates responsible for producing the titular and notorious Precipice Dreadquill bi-weekly.
  • Regis cell - A cell of agents under the command of Inquisitor Lyra Rhodes.

Furthermore, a number of small Orders and Factions have members within the Carthax Sector.