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Lord Calleia - Head of the Carthaxian Conclave[]


Calleia rose to lead the Carthaxian Conclave following the death of it's former head, Lord Inquisitor Marcus Grolin. A large Conclave was called at the Inquisitorial Fortress on Tigguo Cobauc where Calleia was nominated as a candidate for high office along with Inquisitors Goddard and Necris.

Prior to being elected as head of the Carthaxian Conclave, Calleia was the leader of the Helios Cabal, a body of Inquisitors dedicated to combating the threat of the deadly Graveel Hegemony. Following Calleia's promotion, the running of the Helios Cabal fell to newly promoted Inquisitor Terwyn-Awchus.

Known associates[]

  • Karl Hoskanner - Stormtrooper Sergeant
  • Konrad Winter - Archivist, Adeptus Terra
  • <Name unknown> - Adepta Sororitas