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Declassified pages are free for contributors to add to and expand their content.

The limitations we ask you to adhere to are:

  • Only the original author of Declassified pages should modify previously written background content. Other contributors should add to these pages, not change what is already there.
    • This does not however forbid spelling/grammar corrections, or changes to the content layout.
    • Further exception may be made under some circumstances.
  • Any new content should be added with respect and moderation, and be in keeping with the overall aesthetic.
    • Changes that do not meet reasonable standards may be reverted.
  • Particularly major changes (such as the death of major characters or the Exterminatus of a planet) should largely be restricted to community consensus, such as during The Conclave's forum run events.

Please see the Wiki's editing guidelines for the details of the other categories in the page classification system.

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