Draconians Edit

The Draconians are a subsect of the Thorians, in that they too believe that the Emperor can be restored to life. It is their belief however that the soul of the Emperor has been fractured by his his long confinement in the Golden Throne, and that to resurrect him, his soul must first be restored.

The Draconians belief is founded in the so called Liber Secretorum of Inquisitor Jaq Draco, specifically the section of the text dealing with Draco's pilgrimage to Holy Terra and his audience with the Emperor himself. In his account, Draco claimed that the Emperor told him that he had fractured his consciousness in order to be able to maintain the Astronomicon, Soul Bind psykers and keep watch on His Imperium all at the same time.

Draco went on to relate how the Emperor spoke to him with many voices that seemed unaware of the plans and knowledge of the other voices, and often contradicted one another. In effect the Emperor was divided against himself

Furthermore, many Draconians have a strong belief in the existence of the so called 'Star Child'. They believe that the Star Child was formed from the Emperors goodness and compassion, those aspects of himself he was forced to sever in order to bring himself to destroy his much-loved son Horus. To resurrect the Emperor without this aspect of his soul would be a grave mistake. The returned Emperor would be a half-thing, a terrible tyrant without mercy and compassion rather than a great leader who would lead mankind into a new Golden Age.

Draconians are most commonly found in the Ordo Malleus, if only because it gives them opportunity to read the Liber Secretorum first hand, but they can also be found in throughout all of the Ordos seeking out knowledge and artefacts that deal with the soul.