Onus star systems map - Dust
System features: Ruined empire
Star: Mighty sun (dominant inner cauldron)
Inner cauldron:
Primary biosphere:
Outer reaches:

As recorded by the hand of Giddigan Mercutia, Magos Exporator, during the Great Crusade <<Date Expunged>> Edit

Dust System
The system of Dust is a little-known backwater ashbowl of a system, rich in untapped resources but perilous to anything trying to tap them. As a result, the Imperium lets the worlds here be largely autonomous, scratching together what little resources they can to build up their flimsy settlements. The tithe ships only come around once every century, and generations of families may go by without ever seeing them, but they know that everything they, their children and their children's children will do will be working towards the next shipment.

Despite all this, humanity still thrives, and what few settlements exist are growing steadily. Dead cities are being repopulated, the wilds are being tamed, and the mineral expanses are being harnessed for the eternal machine. As a result, many mysteries are being uncovered all across the sector - ancient ruins, long-lost technologies and examples of craftsmanship no human has laid eyes on in millennia. An incredibly advanced species of human once lived in this system, there can be no denying it, although what caused them to leave or become extinct, is something that concerns and puzzles scholars in similar measures