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As this wiki is both a record of actual players' characters, planets and systems alongside those which have been written as less personal, the Classification mechanism is designed to demystify this matter.

Classified pages are those which detail background that should not be changed or expanded without the permission of the original creator.

Sub-Classified pages are those where the original creator wants to retain some control over the page's content. See the page's Talk section for details of how.

Declassified pages are considered fairly free game. You should avoid changing details that are already there, but generally feel free to expand upon and develop the material yourself. We ask that some discretion is shown - generally, big changes like killing off or destroying declassified characters/planets should be a rarity largely reserved for Conclave forum events, but these are otherwise subjects open for being picked apart!

Page naming conventions[]

The Wikia software treats differences down to even variant capitalisations as an individual page.

In order to avoid a large number of broken links, these guidelines are being set down as a place-holder. They are currently loosely based off those used on other wikis, but will be open to community consensus.

  • Names of characters should exclude titles, ranks and nicknames, but should otherwise be the character's full name. However, redirects can be set up for other (sensible) formats.
    • For example, the main page for a character called Inquisitor Garn Theodore "Long-Arm" Allarick should be called "Garn Theodore Allarick", but could potentially have a redirect from places such as "Inquisitor Allarick".
  • Only the first word of titles and proper nouns should be capitalised.
  • Similarly, page titles should not be plural unless a proper noun.
    • For example, a page about M37 Mars Pattern Battle-cruisers should be titled "M37 Mars pattern battle-cruiser" (As Mars is a proper noun). But a page about a faction called The Red-Arm Pirates could retain that spelling and pluralisation.
  • Disambiguations should use (parentheses) in order to differentiate the article titles.

Mature Content[]

While as a wiki dedicated to the rather brutal Warhammer 40,000 universe, not everything within is going to be completely family friendly, please:

  • Avoid unnecessary foul language. It is acceptable (within reason) to characters to swear as part of in-character quotes, but should not be used simply as part of article text.
  • Uploaded images should not be more graphic than you would expect to see in a Games Workshop publication.
    • Moderate nudity may be acceptable (again, within reason). If you remember the old Juan Diaz Daemonettes, you're about there.