Inquisitor Fabian Filipowski, Ordo Malleus Edit

Physical stats Edit

Date of Birth: (5)195824.M41 Place of Birth: Estu, Segmentum Tempestus Gender: Male Height: 172 cm / 5' 8" Weight: 68kg Physical appearance: Filipowski is slighter than most of his peers, and also appears physically older due to the hundreds of tiny scars dotting his skin. As a sanctioned telekine in the service of the Emperor, Filipowski -- like so many that share the psyker's curse -- has aged prematurely as a result of his sanctioning; coupled with the scars left on him by the procedure, there is only so much that rejuve treatments can reverse. His once-blonde hair is now virtually grey, and his skin shows all the signs of aging that one might expect from an elderly agri-worlder.

Among those few scars not caused by Filipowski's sanctioning, the most immediate is a burn scar across the right side of his face, the end result of Filipowski learning the hard way not to underestimate hostile psykers; however, the scar itself has largely faded and is visible only up-close.

During investigations, Filipowski prefers wearing light, but durable, flakweave clothing, usually with a hard-wearing leather jacket over the top. Should Fabian need to adopt noble attire, he prefers dark blues.

Involvement in Carthax Edit