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Inquisitor Gelert Hesh, Ordo Hereticus[]

Physical stats[]

Date of Birth: (3)619808.M41 Place of Birth: Phaeton Gender: Male Height: 196 cm / 6' 5" Weight: 130kg Physical appearance: Hesh is easily among the most muscular and physically imposing Inquisitors in the sector, towering over many of his peers and built almost like a small Ogryn. Courtesy of regular rejuve treatments, Hesh resembles a man barely one-fifth of his age, although the many small scars and old wounds that dot his face are harder to disguise and tell a different tale.

Hesh's deep grey eyes are usually concealed behind a pair of round photo-glasses. He is bald and typically clean-shaven, with a large scar running along the top of his skull and another under his jaw.

Notably, Hesh has yet to receive any bionic augmentation, and several of his peers are surprised that Hesh's bulk is all natural muscle rather than the result of cybernetics.

Involvement in Carthax[]

Hesh operates out of the Inquisition fortress at Tavis Verge, on Valmard Prime. Given his stature, one would expect Hesh to be a fiercely militant Inquisitor, but in fact Hesh prefers to direct cells of acolytes from Tavis Verge, and for Hesh to leave the Valmard system is quite uncommon (though by no means unheard of).

Hesh maintains multiple acolyte cells, each with five operatives, and deploys them across the subsector to act as his eyes and ears. Typically, Hesh will employ adepts (usually from the Administratum or Officio Medicae) and clerics to maintain a civil facade, pairing them off with a hitman to carry out the more unpleasant duties of the Inquisition; depending on the cell in question, the remaining members may be psykers, military personnel, or lawmen that can step in when conflict is inevitable. However, Hesh encourages "association" with, and the use of, local Imperial servants, and several investigations have been brought to a close by the Adeptus Arbites or a planet's PDF rather than anyone on Hesh's payrolll.