The Maastrik System enjoys a stable warp corridor with the Penitence System, and is the most-visited system of the cluster. The shipping lane through the system between transition points Remis and Unyll is once again alive with vessels after near on a millennia of decline. That the majority of visitors are smuggling xenos wares on the Cold Trade is little concern for the Maastrik authorities, as they are once again beginning to reap the benefits of more legitimate trade with the ships passing through.

The system is home to two similarly proportioned habitable worlds, Hadros and Bell. Luscious Hadros is a producer of fruits, vegetables and pulses, while Bell's forests of forty-metre fungi are farmed for their protein. Long abandoned regions are now being opened up to farming as demand for their produce has picked up, bringing problems for the farmers. The natives of these areas, long cut off from their neighbours have turned feral in many areas and have attacked most of the new settlements. Ferocious indigenous wildlife has also blossomed in some regions of Hadros, and the farmers speak of 'ghosts in the darkness' carrying off workers in the nights. Worst of all, in the lowlands of the Dayo province on Bell, rumours speak of hybrid man-beasts abducting children for sacrifice to their dark gods.