Regarded as a failed frontier world, Hide is home to the descendants of the ranchers and steersmen that began colonisation in the first century of the 41st millennium. Conditions on Hide proved too hard for the colonists to adjust to, and it never became the agri world its founders hoped it would. The remaining populace live and die with their herds, and a few enterprising captains still visit to trade for groxhide.

Hide would be regarded as nothing more than a footnote in the history of the Antonine Cluster, were it not for the rumours that an Ordo Hereticus-engineered cover up took place on Hide. It is alleged that Inquisitor Belle Saragnossien, a respected member of the Carthaxian Conclave, installed a facility away from prying eyes on Hide sometime in the third century, millennium 41, where she could experiment on psykers in secret. Her Monodominant public persona was all a front, behind which she sought to exert control over rogue psykers. Somewhere, her experiments went awry, and the psykers escaped and wreaked havoc on the population of Hide. It is said that the leading figures of the Ordo Hereticus, embarrassed by a radical amongst the inner circle of the Carthaxian Conclave, purged the world of witnesses and sought to eliminate all of Saragnossien's acolytes. They believed their operation a success, until the name of Saragnossien cropped up again on Carthage in the aftermath of the attack on the Inquisition in 010.M42.