Holst - Squat engineer 


Angaz Grongson heralded from the League of Kald in the Stronghold Irkul and was a master engineer by his second century, specialising in underground equipment and assembly. He took up the mannish name Holst when he became a squat envoy for the Mechanicus held mining world of Parabellum in the Segmentum Tempestus. He had served for three decades as an adviser for the priesthood's mining operations when the woeful news reached him; "The Homeworlds have fallen to the Devourer".

In the years that followed, Holst fell into a deep depression and began to drink heavily, toasting drunken eulogies to his extinct people for days, sometimes weeks at a time. Perturbed by this development, the Operations Controller arranged for his transfer to Mars, citing that he may find more survivors of his doomed race in the galaxy and that the red planet would be the most expedient place to begin. It was during this time the ship bearing Cross and his retinue was pulling into orbit looking to refuel enroute to Mars, and during the long journey into the Segmentum Solar, Cross and Holst built up a rapport. Once they'd reached their destination, Holst decided that he would find more purpose as part of the Magos' retinue and remained by his side, becoming a trusted and learned friend.