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The Hydronus Charter Edit

The Hydronus Charter was granted to Grax Hydronus for services rendered during the reconquest of the Pohl Sector in the second century of the Great Crusade. The charter was signed by the Emperor himself, and gives the holder freedom to trade beyond the borders of Imperial space subject to certain conditions.

In the ten thousand years since the charter was granted the Hydronus family has amassed a vast fortune. They have a fleet of ships, men-at-arms and even governorship of several worlds they brought back into the Imperial fold. The Rogue Trader and his fleet adventure beyond Imperial space seeking out new civilizations to trade with or worlds to exploit, while the rest of the family get on with the day-to-day business of trading within the Imperium.

The terms of the charter mean that the Rogue Trader and his trading fleet are generally free of Imperial control. In the past the Arbites have attempted to prosecute House Hydronus for trading xenos technology, but they have always escaped censure on a technicality. Their charter gives the Rogue Trader leave to trade with civilizations outside Imperial space but makes no mention of them being restricted to human civilisations. However the family were warned that although the letter of the law may be on their side the exemption only applies to the Rogue Trader himself, and any heresy may be investigated by the Inquisition.

Current Holder Edit

Entym Hydronus

Notable Previous Holders Edit

Grax Hydronus - started the Hydronus dynasty when he was granted the charter by the Emperor. Aniel Hydronus - son of Grax. Discoverer of the Carthax sector. Leto Hydronus - father of the current Rogue Trader.

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