Head of Household Edit

Baroness Ravenula

Baroness Ravenula

Baroness Theodora Ravenula

Reputation Edit

A family of renowned piety to the average citizen, as their name comes stamped on food rations and prayer books for the needy. Those that know the family beyond their carefully-crafted image recognise them as a cunning and ruthless household who will do anything to get higher on the Ecclesiastical ladder.

The Humble Abode

The Humble Abode

Flagship Edit

The Humble Abode, Conquest-class Star Galleon, fitted for ostentation and pilgrim transport

Other figures of note Edit

Brother Barnabas Glaw, nephew and firebrand preacher of the Troubadous’ Hand cult.

The Face

The Face

Her masked rapier-wielding bodyguard is called The Face, a duelist without peer.

Wealth and power Edit


Base of operations Edit

The Ravenula Estate is based on Minerva in Imperial space, but they have a handful of shrines and retreats scattered across the Nomad Stars.

Military forces Edit

Troubadous' Hand cultist 2

Troubadous' Hand cultist

As devout members of the Imperial Creed, they are not allowed to maintain a standing army. They do, however, hold great sway over several more militant and zealous cults, including the fanatical Troubadous’ Hand.

Business interests Edit

The majority of their income is funnelled from the thousands of parishes and demesnes under their control. The family holds hundreds of positions of authority within the Onus Ecclesiarchy, ranging from preachers of small hamlets to having seats on the Council of Deacons, the most powerful position you can hold in the subsector. House Ravenula now looks southwards, hoping this calling of Brother Espin will provide plenty of opportunities to line their pockets with pilgrim coin.

Allies and affiliates Edit

  • Ravenula shares many common ideals with the Lucile Dynasty. Ravenula utilises her resourcefulness and unscrupulous methods, and in exchange the Lucile Dynasty gets a semblance credibility by having friends in high places within the church.
  • The Jaxx Dynasty operate many pilgrim transport ships, and both Jaxx and Ravenula have benefited from a long and fruitful business relationship moving the faithful between Ravenula shrines and Ravenula pilgrimage routes.

Enemies and rivals Edit

  • House Lyoness are direct rivals for power within the Ecclesiarchy. Unlike the Lyonesses however, the Ravenulas will commit unspeakable deeds to maintain and grow their wealth and power within the church.
  • House Patroneus outright disavow the Ravenulas and their underhanded power-grabbing, well aware of their transgressions but unable (or unwilling) to prove them.
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