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Hive worlds are generally regarded as lawless dens of scum, but generally this reputation comes from underhive zones, and most hive cities are relatively lawful, kept in check by planetary lords who must keep up tremendous levels of industrial output to satisfy draconian tithe levels and therefore need a productive, peaceful society. Imshee was this way once too, but as deliveries of raw products began to decline at the start of the 41st millennium and employment levels fell, hive society fell into disarray and increasingly desperate, starving hivers began to take the law into their own hands. Government began to abandon the disused sectors and criminal overlords moved in. Imshee declined rapidly, and by the end of the millennium only the demesnes of the Adeptus Mechanicus still provided unemployment. The world's population fell from twenty eight billion to twelve billion as violence and starvation took their toll.

Imshee's hives are largely abandoned, ramshackle affairs. Where once teams of adepts provided maintenance, only the fingers of corrosion touch the fabric of the hive now. When lights fail, there is no one to replace them, and gradually the hives are fading to darkness. Outside of the desmesnes, hivers live an almost prehistoric lifestyle in their metal caverns, hunting rats and other vermin for food and bartering bullets for recycled water. Life is cheap, and the only real authority is the gangs that stalk the iron wastes.

If it weren't for the Adeptus Mechanicus stubbornly refusing to abandon their manufacturing zones within the hives, Imshee would surely have faded to nothing. The Mechanicum are invested in keeping production ticking along due to the venerable tool and die manufactora of their demesnes. These ancient facilities are incredibly efficient, drawing energy from the heat of the hive around them, and the tech priests are loathe to abandon these for others that rely on fickle plasma or promethium power sources. While the core of Imshee stays molten and the almighty heat sinks below the hives keep drawing energy, the adepts are unlikely to give up on the world. It is the will of the Omnissiah that keeps the forges burning, and the god of Mars is not to be disobeyed.

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