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The Orthesian Dynasty is a new Rogue Trader lineage, although the warrant itself is quite old. During his time in the Imperial Navy, Tassa Orthesian earned the reputation for being a conqueror and commander without peer, leading reclamation crusades in far-flung corners of the galaxy. These selfless acts of bravery were earning him more favour with the upper echelons of his House, and were earning him what centuries of bickering and political wrangling could not earn them. They did the only sensible thing to remove him from the picture: promote him.

Backs were scratched and brown envelopes were passed between the Powers That Be and a Warrant of Trade was eventually conjured up and “awarded” to Tassa Orthesian in recognition of his accomplishments so far. Such an honour cannot really be turned down, so the now Lord-Captain Orthesian was given the smallest warp-capable ship in the Orthesian garage and sent far, far away across the galaxy to a spit of space called ‘The Nomad Stars’.
Orthesian Origin Paths

The requirements of the Warrant state the Lord-Captain is to being the Nomads to heel, and reneging on that requirement will see assets reclaimed and resources cut off. They expect him to die out in the Nomads, ridding him from that pesky do-gooder once and for all. The Lord-Captain, on the other hand, has other ideas…

You can find a more personal breakdown of the characters and a journal of their exploits in the Orthesian Herald.

Senior members Edit

Lord Captain Orthesian DQ 01

Lord-Captain Orthesian

Lord-Captain Tassa Zacharie Aphesius Orthesian “Notch” Edit

The Rogue Trader and Warrant Holder of the Orthesian Dynasty.

Home World: Battlefleet

Birthright: Child of the Creed

Lure of the Void: Duty Bound (Throne)

Trials and Travails: Calamity

Motivation: Devotion

Enginseer Xander Freeman Edit

The Explorator and Master of the Engines.

Home world: Hive World

Birthright: Fringe Survivor

Lure of the Void: Duty Bound

Trials and Travails: Lost Worlds

Motivation: Vengeance

Gunther Von Gunn Edit

The Arch-Militant, bodyguard to the Lord-Captain and Master of Ordnance.

Home World: Fortress World

Birthright: Service to the Throne

Lure of the Void: Crusade

Trials and Travails: Product of Upbringing

Motivation: Devotion

Astropath Gil Virgant DQ 02

Astropath Gil Virgant

Gil Virgant Edit

Astropath Transcendant and senior advisor to the Lord-Captain.

Home World: Penal World

Birthright: In Service to the Throne

Lure of the Void: Renegade

Trials and Travails: Press-ganged

Motivation: Knowledge

Xandra Lyoness Edit

Missionary and protector of the immortal souls of all those who sail with the Lord-Captain.

Home World: Noble Born

Birthright: Savant

Lure of the Void: Zealot

Trials and Travails: High Vendetta

Motivation: Pride

Marai Zilla Edit

Voidmaster, Helmsman and Master of the Void.

Home World: Voidborn

Birthright: Stubjack

Lure of the Void: Renegade (Free Thinker)

Trials and Travails: Press-ganged

Motivation: Endurance

Other crewmen of note Edit

Alyss of the Lyoness Covenant Edit

A pilgrim and would-be crusader rescued from the dying transport ship, The Penitent Traveller. Her and a few hundred poorly souls were all that were left from the thousands of pilgrims that were butchered by pirates and left as bait for passing vessels. They were saved by the Orthesian Dynasty and granted a place on the crew of the Unbroken Resolve.

Twelve of the most combat-capable pilgrims swore their lives to Xandra Lyoness, and they make up a cadre of retinue called the Lyoness Covenant, headed up by their stoic leader, Alyss.

Voidships of the Orthesian Dynasty Edit

The Unbroken Resolve Edit

Flagship of the Dynasty and the Lord-Captain's personal ship.

Type: Shrike-class Raider           Speed: 9

Manoeuvrability: +25                  Detection: +25

Turret Rating: 2                              Shields: 1

Crew Rating: 30                             Weapon capacity: 1 Dorsal, 1 Prow

Armour: 4 (16)                                  Hull integrity: 33

Essential components

  • Jovian Class 2 Plasma Drive
  • Strelov 1 Warp Engine
  • Emergency Gellar Field
  • Command Bridge
  • M1.r Life Sustainer
  • Voidsmen Quarters
  • M201.b Auger Array

Supplementary components:

  • Cargo hold/lighter bay
  • Brig
  • Mars-pattern Macrocannon (Dorsal slot)
  • Mars-pattern Macrocannon (Prow slot)
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