While classified as a hive world, the population of Perdido lives in orbit on colossal facilities rather than on planetary surface. Four habitat rings set at orbital distances of 2-, 3-, 4- and 5,000 kilometres, named Base, Low, Centrum, and Zenith, respectively, encircle Perdido. These rings are Dark Age of Technology relics, and far beyond the ability of the Adeptus Mechanicus to replicate. Each ring has its own orbital pattern, and the dance the four rings perform as they pass over Perdido and the rings below is a thing of unparalleled grace.

Discovered early in Carthax history by Explorator fleet Omega 6, and utilised for Adeptus Mechanicus fleet maintenance ever since, Perdido's importance to the Carthaxian Mechanicum is secondary only to the sector's forge worlds. It is unlikely that a hive world of such low manufacturing output would be tolerated by sector command were it not for the Adeptus Mechanicus's reliance on the world. The exhaustion of mineral resources in the Perdido system has seen the industry of the four rings decline to an almost complete halt over the last eight hundred years. The situation is little better across the Antonine Cluster, and the Mechanicum are now in the process of orchestrating the import of gigatonnes of minerals from far afield and have agreed with sector command to open up the shipyard facilities to Battlefleet Carthax.

Life aboard the four rings is little removed from shipboard life, and anthropologists consider the population of Perdido to be void born. Folklore aboard the rings describes their ancestors' ascent from the planet's surface to the rings as reward from an ancient god for offering their land to him. The surface of Perdido is forbidden, and ancient automated defence systems aboard Low shoot down any craft that tries to land on the planet's surface. Intriguingly, energy sources have been tracked on the world's surface. Who these interlopers are, no one knows.

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