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The Valmerine sub-sector is a cluster of systems on the Carthax Sector's spinward boundary. Initially discovered in late M33 by Magos Explorator Sebastian Valmard, the sub-sector was swiftly colonised by the Imperium, then used as a staging point for further crusades into the unknown. The sub-sector borders a region of space known as the Atrean Frontier (formerly the Atrean Gulf), cut off from the rest of the Imperium for two millennia by Warp Storm Dardanos, and though many a ship's captain has set out from New Gemini to explore and reclaim the Frontier, these same captains return not with tales of glory, but with tales of dread.



Regions of Valmerine[]

The Valmerine sub-sector contains three official administrative regions -- Central Valmerine, the Minoan Hegemony (governed by the Adeptus Mechanicus), and the Atrean Frontier -- as well as several astrographical ones. Although the Frontier is barely considered a part of Carthax, it is nonetheless governed through the Administratum on Valmard Prime.

Administrative Regions[]

Central Valmerine[]

Systems are listed in order of relative importance. With the exception of the Valmard system, the list of planets in each system is incomplete.

Valmard System[]

  • Valmard I (Valmard Atasi)
    • Uninhabitable world, used as a research outpost by the Adeptus Mechanicus.
  • Valmard II (Valmard Kirkas)
    • Uninhabitable volcanic world, mined for iron, magnesium and igneous rocks.
  • Valmard III (Valmard Aestatis)
    • Arid death world, largely incapable of supporting a human population. Rumours hold that this is a training world for the Red Slayers Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes, though the Ordo Malleus are quick to deny this.
  • Valmard IV (Valmard Prime)
    • Civilised world and sub-sector capital, currently governed by His Majesty King Alfonso III. The planet's faith and martial traditions are strong, and the Royal Valmerine regiments of the Imperial Guard make a point of integrating preachers and battlefield chaplains into every unit, down to at least the platoon level if not in every squad. Valmard Prime's capital city of Tavis Verge is home to the sub-sector's primary Administratum hypercomplex, as well as its main Inquisition fortress (often referred to as Tavis Verge in and of itself by agents of the Throne).
  • Valmard V (Valmard Ortacan)
    • Gas giant, from whose atmosphere deuterium and helium-3 are mined and processed in orbital refineries.
  • Valmard VI (Valmard Minor)
    • Icy mining world, mined extensively for uranium and promethium.

Dioskor System[]

  • Dioskor I (New Gemini)
    • Hive world and the sub-sector's main population centre, orbiting twin suns. New Gemini is noted for its vast orbital docks and shipyards, and a considerable proportion of its labour force serves Battlefleet Carthax in some capacity. The planet's government is highly unusual in that there are two royal families, both claiming the right to rule, and by ancient decree, each member of the Geminate Diarchy is responsible for different aspects of Geminate society. The Right-Hand Diarch administers internal matters such as logistics, public worship and criminal justice in concert with the various Adepta, whereas the Left-Hand Diarch manages relations with the Adeptus Mechanicus and other "external" organisations. The only matter on which both halves of the Diarchy operate jointly is New Gemini's tithe.
  • Dioskor II (Asvar)
    • Agri-world committed to in-system food production for New Gemini and Port Alcis.
  • Port Alcis
    • Artificial construct, used as a staging point for Battlefleet Carthax and the Merchant Fleet, as well as ventures into the Atrean Frontier. Its population is estimated at around 14 million, many of whom are employed by the Adeptus Mechanicus as labourers and members of the tech-laity. Despite essentially being a "hive in space", Imperial ethnographers count the population of Port Alcis among the void-born. There is also a convent of the Adepta Sororitas on Port Alcis, currently home to a Commandery from the Order of the Sacred Fist and a Preceptory from the Hospitaller Order of the Silver Chalice.

Kalcha System[]

  • Canderous Prime
    • Civilised world with just over half of its land surface covered in deserts. Many of the Imperial Guard regiments raised here are light infantry or other fast attack units, and owing to a feral Ork presence on the planet, are already veterans of fighting Orks before they ever leave their homeworld. Canderous Prime also appears to be the centre of the sub-sector's Cold Trade in xeno artefacts, and numerous Ordo Xenos and Ordo Hereticus Inquisitors have at least taken an interest in the planet, if not sent acolyte cells to investigate.
  • Argell
    • Agri-world with an ocean coverage of 90%. Shielded bio-domes above the water's surface, and underwater colonies on the seabed, are a necessity in order to survive the notoriously stormy Argelian weather.
  • Mirannar
    • Mountainous feral world populated by thousands of semi-nomadic barbarian tribes. There are scattered mining and agricultural colonies dotted across the surface, and even an Imperial city of six million souls, but the tribes are split unevenly in their response. Some have chosen to integrate into modern Imperial ways of life, albeit slowly. Most of the tribes prefer to live apart and venerate the Emperor according to "the old ways". A growing minority actively wage war against the Imperial presence on-world, seeing the Imperium as corrupt and having forgotten the Emperor; despite the faithful fighting their own campaigns to purge these heretic tribes, it is rumoured that certain radical elements among the Inquisition are actively encouraging these uprisings.

Sevash System[]

  • Phaeton
    • Temperate feudal world known for its excellent horsemen. The horse features heavily in Phaetonian tradition and is synonymous with strength and loyalty. Phaeton's tithe occurs only once in every generation, an occasion heralded across the planet as the "Feast of Saints" and celebrated for weeks on end. The various kingdoms send forces to the capital, Kingstable, to compete for the honour of leading the newly founded Imperial Guard regiments into battle.
  • cf. Slave Knights of Gopp

Corseul System[]

  • Corseul Tertius
    • Frontier world bordering both the Atrean Frontier and the Wilderwest region. Corseul Tertius' meager population is scattered across a single primary continent, yet subdivided into hundreds of independent city-states with no single seat of government. Mutants outnumber pure humans approximately three to one, and the only thing that can be said to unify the human population is that they are often too busy suppressing mutant uprisings to fight each other. As such, Corseul Tertius' primary value to the Imperium is as a source of cheap slave labour for the unscrupulous -- something the Ordo Hereticus are keen to shut down.

Coriolis Alpha System[]

Interdicted. All information on Coriolis Alpha has been restricted by order of Inquisitor Gelert Hesh, and requires Dark Magenta-level clearance to access. No longer considered to be a part of the sub-sector.

The Minoan Hegemony[]

Systems are listed in order of relative importance.

Minos Epsilon System[]

  • Minos Epsilon
    • Forge world and the largest producer of tech in the sub-sector. Minoan weapons, particularly small arms, are highly regarded by local Imperial Guard and PDF forces, as in spite of their limited scope for alteration, they are widely considered to be of superior quality and craftsmanship to other locally produced weapons. However, comparatively few units are equipped with Minoan weapons as standard, and they remain highly prized by anyone fortunate enough to own them. Minos Epsilon also maintains an extensive census archive, detailing the identities of each of the planet's inhabitants, leaders, and visitors. As a result, Minos Epsilon is arguably the most stable world in the sub-sector, as the census archives allow the Minoan technocracy to find and eliminate any hint of political corruption or techno-heresy before it can fully manifest.
  • cf. Blank Dawn

Erstenheme System[]

  • Erstenheme
    • Hive world with multiple Mechanicus demesnes and strongholds, and known for weapons production. Erstenhemer weaponry is ubiquitous among local Imperial Guard units, and has a reputation for robust durability, although Erstenheme's forgemasters and gunsmiths cannot easily match the fine craftsmanship of a Minoan weapon. Erstenheme itself was notably the first world in Valmerine to be settled, as well as the first in the sub-sector to produce a Saint revered across all of Carthax, although the world's glory has since been eclipsed by the likes of Valmard and New Gemini.
  • Halga
    • Erstenheme's moon is designated as a shrine world in its own right, and places Erstenheme on the pilgrim's trail. During the sub-sector's early history, a missionary named Agrius brought the Word of the Emperor to the youth of Erstenheme. Despite his somewhat unorthodox style, he attracted a great following, and encouraged many of his flock to leave behind their lives of crime and enter the priesthood, or even become missionaries themselves. In modern times, Agrius is revered across Carthax as the patron saint of the young and those whose faith has recently been kindled, and his final resting place on Halga is a popular pilgrimage destination for missionaries seeking success stories of their own. The Saint's bones, especially his fossilised servo-skull, are said to have the power to banish doubts and keep the faithful walking on the right path.

Cadena System[]

  • Komi Decimus
    • Mining world that, together with its seven moons, produces 40% of the sub-sector's titanium and silicon. Despite the Imperium's best efforts, Komi Decimus has technically been in a state of civil war for one hundred and thirty-seven years, and although the Komnian Revolts are a thing of the past, the heretical Midnight Brotherhood has proven impossible to dislodge entirely. Regiments of Imperial Guard from across the sector maintain a presence on-world to keep Komi Decimus' mining operations safe.
  • Krietal
    • Agri-world responsible for feeding Minos Epsilon, and governed jointly between the Administratum and the Adeptus Mechanicus. To date, the Midnight Brotherhood's few attempts to branch out from Komi Decimus to Krietal have all been repulsed by swift and decisive action from the Ordo Hereticus, although the Inquisition are no closer to scourging their heresy from the system.

The Atrean Frontier[]

Systems are listed in alphabetical order.

Aurvol System[]

  • Aurvol
    • Feudal world and the closest the Frontier has to a shrine world. In spite of Warp Storm Dardanos, Aurvol has maintained a pure and thriving, if somewhat small, population whose faith in the Emperor and their local saints is unquestioning. Ironically, Ordo Malleus investigators have determined that the only known signs of Chaos taint on Aurvol appeared after the Warp Storm had dissipated.

Duminiar 306 System[]

  • Alsur
    • Death world ravaged by high levels of tectonic activity. Alsur holds potential value to the Adeptus Mechanicus as a mining world; however, most of the planet's surface is sheeted with some kind of chemical ice that has grown over and consumed all attempts to establish so much as an outpost on-world. Most animal and plant life is aquatic and confined to Alsur's equator.
  • Grenlock
    • Former agri-world overgrown with carnivorous plant life. Preliminary intelligence suggests that in the absence of animal life, the local flora have become mobile and are preying on each other, with the apex predator being some form of many-branched, multi-headed creeper vine that can swallow a man whole. Some unconventional elements of the Ordo Xenos are considering using Grenlock's unique flora as bio-weapons.

Eta Scarvis System[]

  • Eta Scarvis IV
    • Gas giant rich in deuterium, currently being mined and used as a staging point by void pirates. Rumour has it that the Dark Mechanicus have established outposts on four of the planet's seventeen moons, though the specifics of which moons these are differ with each re-telling. The Ordo Malleus and Adeptus Mechanicus have each sent agents to investigate these claims.

Sigma Khanovin System[]

  • Sigma Khanovin II
    • One-time civilised world whose population has regressed into a more primitive tribal state. Mutation is common, and psykers are worshipped as religious figures by some, fought over by others, and persecuted by those who still have some faith in the Emperor. Much of the planet is arid grassland and the Administratum are eyeing up Sigma Khanovin as a potential new agri-world. However, several Ordo Malleus and Ordo Xenos Inquisitors are concerned that the local witch-cults may damn the world first, whether to Chaos or to some other catastrophe.

Ullesh System[]

  • Causte
    • Dead hive world. When Warp Storm Dardanos passed, Causte's eighty billion inhabitants had vanished, in many cases leaving half-eaten meals, discarded piles of clothes, or broken machines that kept running until they ran out of power. Causte is now a completely lifeless and airless rock crusted over with the detritus of its vanished civilisation and the derelict barnacles of its hive cities. The Adeptus Mechanicus are picking over the remains for any technology or materials they might be able to salvage, and are likely to spend the next several centuries dismantling the hives the Administratum would prefer to repopulate.
  • Visath
    • Cold-desert death world, currently held by Orks. Imperial efforts to reclaim Visath were almost immediately repulsed by overwhelming force, and the Ordo Xenos have considered abandoning the world entirely. However, the Adeptus Mechanicus believe that there is a trove of archaeotech beneath Visath's surface, and are more than willing to fight through the Orks to retrieve it.

Astrographical Regions[]

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